Rhodesian Ridgeback Kennel

Nest 2013: Ayoola

Winter 2013 we planned our first litter. The puppies were born on 16 december 2013.

A first litter's name (mostly) begins with an A, so I have choosen for the name Ayoola, which means: joy in wealth.
A relevant name, because play upon the words: wealth - big salary - (in dutch) hoog loon - Hoogeloon, the place where we live!
And a litter with your own lovely girl...what more wealth can you wish! So, joy in Hoogeloon!

Nova (18-03-2010) is a typical female. She is beautiful and healthy, with a nice character. She likes to cuddle, to play
and to walk in the woods. She has no problems with the other dogs, cats and horses, but she knows what she wants!
September 2013 she became International Champion so let's hope the FCI certificate will be there in time...!
We think she will be a very careful and sweet mother.

Akono (26-01-2005) is a strong male, healthy, sweet and handsome. He likes to walk and play, he is familiar with children
and friendly to other dogs. We think Akono is well-suited to Nova. He already is daddy of beautiful litters, all with healthy puppies.
Akono lives with his owner, family and his son Ghandi in Germany. He is VDH-Champion and VDH-Veteran Champion.
Many thanks to Akono's owner Petra Flemming for her trust in this beautiful combination.
You can find more info about Akono at

We are member of the dutch rhodesian ridgeback club (RRCN) and we shall breed in accordance with the rules (VFR).
We also are member of the belgium rhodesian ridgeback club (BRRC).