(AKONO)                                                                                 (NOVA)

VDH CH.  and  VDH VET.CH.                                                                                            INT. CH.

At the BRRC Clubmatch, June 2013, Nova and Akono have met each other for the very first time. Nova was a little impressed but when she saw Akono wagging his tail so enthusiastically, you could see her thinking:
'Well, ok, he seems like a real gentleman!'

We decided to meet again at Akono's place, so a few weeks later we had a nice walk together in the woods.
It was a lovely day and Petra has made some beautiful pictures from Nova:

and from Akono & Nova together:

Next walk was in August. Akono and Nova still liked each other! And again beautiful pictures made by Petra.

...Oh wow...there she is...

Now I'm gonna tell it!

Nova, I love you!

Yippie!!! But we have to wait...

You can find more pictures here: CASA NOVA CURA AYOOLA LITTER