MOYO KIDACHI AKONO-AMAR                                   MADZINZA CHOKOZA CHANIYA
                                       (AKONO)                                                                                 (NOVA)




                                   VDH CH.  and  VDH VET.CH.                                                                                            INT. CH. 


At the BRRC Clubmatch, June 2013, Nova and Akono have met each other for the very first time. Nova was a little impressed but when she saw Akono wagging his tail so enthusiastically, you could see her thinking:
'Well, ok, he seems like a real gentleman!' 


We decided to meet again at Akono's place, so a few weeks later we had a nice walk together in the woods. 
It was a lovely day and Petra has made some beautiful pictures from Nova:


and from Akono & Nova together:  



Next walk was in August. Akono and Nova still liked each other! And again beautiful pictures made by Petra.

...Oh wow...there she is...

Now I'm gonna tell it!

Nova, I love you!

Yippie!!! But we have to wait...

You can find more pictures here: CASA NOVA CURA AYOOLA LITTER