Puppy News

19 oktober 2013:

Exciting times have started...


16 november 2013:
We are very happy to tell you Nova is pregnant!
We made an ultra sound and we could see many little 'swimming' puppies.
The puppies will be born around 20 December.

Day 28

Ultra sound day 36. What a lovely little one...! And there are more!

Nova's Belly is growing...                                                              ...and growing...

...and growing...                                                      ...with almost a week to go! WOW, what is she hiding there?

Nova likes to sleep in the whelping box

On 16 december 2013 (day 59) twelve puppies were born.
The first and second puppy were born at home, nr.3 was born at the vet because his head was too big, so it was a very difficult but successfull birth.That's why nr.4-12 were born with caesarian section.
There are 7 boys (1 ridgeless) and 5 girls (4 ridgeless and 1 with a third crown). No kinked tails found yet, DS will be checked later.
We are very proud of Nova and Akono for heaving twelve healthy and strong babies!
Many thanks to Angelieke (who has given us our first RR Kevin in 1998) for helping Nova and me, and also many thanks to the team from Veterinarian Clinic Eersel.

Nova with her first born on the couch at home...                           ...and 4 hours later on the couch at the vet for a C section

It's very busy in the incubator                                                        Waiting till mom is awake

nose cleaning                                                                                   And finally all together at home

We hope they all will grow up to healthy, beautiful and kind ridgebacks!